yoga with lydia

photo ben moon


“with the tensegrity movement  my body feels like its playing and floating on itself. when the body floats, the mind suspends. maybe that’s what flying feels like.
think of it–you teach flying classes.”
(tina fong)

“Lydia is an exceptional yoga teacher. Her technical expertise of the asanas, and the human body and her years of practice is enough to have her stand out as a leader in her field. I am impressed by her ability to easily  modify any pose to suit a student and create a safe, effective practice for her students of varying levels. Lydia brings a light heartedness, warmth and a presence to her classes that in my experience is as nourishing as the physical practice. By her being she inspires students to go deeper and open more fully.
Classes with Lydia are rejuvenating and restorative and help bring me home to myself. Thank you Lydia.”
Dr. Monika Herwig ND